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Map of Tunisia for Garmin GPS devices

Tunisia is a country in North Africa. It is a Maghreb country and is bordered by Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east. Its area is almost 165,000 square kilometers (64,000 sq. mi), with an estimated population of just over 10.4 million. Its name is derived from the capital Tunis located in the north-east.

This Garmin GPS routable map will give you turn by turn directions to your destination using a POI (point of interest), city point and/or latitude and longitude with the ability to plan driving destinations before getting into your car. The easy to follow instructions allow you to download and install the map into Garmin MapSource or BaseCamp desktop software and transfer it to your Garmin GPS in minutes.

The contents of the map

  • Coverage area 100 % all Tunisia
    • 24.349 kilometers of Highways, major roads, Collector roads, residential streets and unpaved roads with turn-by-turn.
    • 100 % Coverage Highways roads.
    • 100 % Coverage Major roads.
    • 70 % Coverage Collector roads.
    • 20 % Coverage Residential streets.
    • 50 % Coverage Unpaved roads.
    • 743 capital city, big cities and Small villages.
    • 12 Hospital.
    • 945 Place of worship.
    • 508 Auto Fuel.
    • 18 Airport and Airstrips.
    • 381 Hotel, Motel, Resort and Camping.
    • 90 Museum and Historical place.
    • 9 Live theater.
    • 17 National Park.
    • 15 Wonderful swimming beach.
    • 34 Marina, boat repair and storage.
    • 12 Water well in desert.
    • 95 Landmark.

Operating System

Our maps works with the operating system Window, BaseCamp or MapSource has to be installed in your PC before install our map.

Compatibility ?

Our maps compatible with all Garmin GPS handheld devices

Garmin GPS software

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GPS Mapping Maps, built with lock key, that means every map has special key to open the map in Garmin BaseCamp software, and only one Garmin GPS device that registered with the map, Please be careful when asking you to write down your Garmin GPS Unit ID, the map not work if you are write the wrong Garmin GPS unit ID number. HOW TO FIND UNIT ID


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Testing Map of Tunisia

GPS Mapping offering free 30 days to testing the map, registering by using the registration form, the most important thing is Garmin GPS unit ID be sure about it, the map would not work if the unit ID is wrong, the Garmin Unit ID is a 10-digit number which is absolutely unique, every Garmin GPS receiver has such a number, you have to wait until we approved your account then choose one of the our subscription plan.

  • Free Subscription plan.
    Map of Tunisia will be opened free for 30 days to test the map, if you would like more time you can renewal more 30 days for free, when you finish testing the map you can go to paid subscription plan.
  • Paid Subscription plan.
    Map of Tunisia will be opened for lifetime, you can get free update during your subscription, you can renewal this subscription plan for more one year.